Forged into Freedom, by God, through Fire.


God’s Tools for Forging Us.


His Love

The first lie that satan told Eve in the garden and the last lie he will try to convince us of before we leave this earth is that God is not good…

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His Truth

Thank God that He laid out the truth and the path to life for us in the scriptures! Our whole life comes down to a battle between the lies of satan and the truth of God…

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His Power

This is the power of the Holy Spirit who was given us. We understand that we are the junior partner in the ministry that we do and that God…

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Our Faith

We have everything that we need for life and godliness in our relationship with Christ. (2 Peter 1:3) It all starts and ends with God and His grace through the gospel. Do we have to do anything then?

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Made to multiply

Today’s disciples.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We are not surprised when those in our church want to be sent to plant house churches in other towns from our community. We actually encourage that! We also love connecting and even assisting people to plant house churches in their town!